Zach Prichard

Creative Director
3D Animator
Doer of Whatever It Takes

I'm a multi-disciplinary artist with 15 years of agency and production house experience.

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I've been fortunate to have a variety of experiences across many disciplines. Please feel free to follow the link below to my full portfolio of VFX, motion work and spots I have directed or creative directed.You can also check out my employment and soft skill experience on my resume.


I'm a multi-disciplinary artist with 15 years of agency and production house experience. I’m a VFX artist, motion designer and creative director. I use that combined experience to see a project through to completion - either solo or managing a team.Currently I am a creative director and project manager in the electronic visualization and immersive technologies field.I'm always open to new and exciting opportunities - even ones that diverge from my past experience!

Note: I was standing in for a friend in this photo while he adjusted his lighting. I ended up kind of liking it.


Need help with a project? Think I might be a good fit for something that's not even on my page? Let me know!

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Thanks for reaching out.You're awesome and you deserve awesome things!

Feature Films

In addition to my normal duties as a creative director and motion graphics animator, I've also had the amazing opportunity to be a part of several VFX teams for feature films.

  • Jakob’s Wife (2021): Lead Compositing and Digital Effects Artist

  • Deep Water (2021): On-Set Digital Asset FX

  • Breaking News in Yuba County (2021): On-Set Digital Asset FX

  • Queen & Slim (2019): On-Set Digital Asset FX

  • MA (2019): Mad Genius Lead Compositor and Digital Effects Artist

  • Malicious (2018): Lead Compositing and Digital Effects Artist

  • The Super (2017): Lead Compositing and Digital Effects Artist

  • 1 Mile to You (2017): Visual Effects Supervisor & Digital Effects Artist


Creative Director | Animation & Immersive Projects
Horizon Video Productions
April 2021 - Present
Creative Director | Sr. Animator | VP
Mad Genius, Inc
July 2009 - April 2021
Eyevox, Inc
December 2007 - July 2009


Creative Director - Fulfill clients’ vision while managing productions from start to finish. Often collaborating with other departments and artists.Director - Direct various commercial and long form spots. On-set direction executing my own vision as well as contributing to pre-production and post production processes.Departmental - Develop methods of helping my team work more efficiently, from proper staging of workloads to accurate time tracking, while ensuring they maintain a healthy work-life balance.Per Project - Developing and adhering to budgets, planning project workloads from the first kickoff, managing along the way and delivering a successful final product within scope.Vice President - Managing higher level culture and personnel issues and advising upper management when necessary.IT and Project Management - assisted or led the implementation of new IT infrastructure as well as creating and modifying company wide project pipelines and management solutions.

Software Expertise

  • Cinema 4D

  • Maya

  • Octane, Arnold and Redshift Renderers

  • X-Particles (Cinema 4D)

  • Adobe After Effects - Compositing and VFX

  • AE Plugins (Red Giant Suite, Element 3D and More)

  • Mocha Pro - Roto/Tracking/Remove/Stabilize

  • Adobe Premiere Pro - Editing

  • Davinci Resolve and Fusion - Editing/Compositing

  • Justinmind - App & Digital Prop Prototyping

  • Photoshop/Illustrator/Rest of Adobe CC - Supplemental Graphic Work

Master of Fine Art - Electronic Visualization
Mississippi State University
Bachelor of Fine Arts - Graphic Design
Mississippi State University